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New layout! Let’s do this!!  

Ask box has been emptied. Any requests in there were either lost or have been noted. xD Send away!~  

I will change the layout then as well. :D Ahh, so stoked to be back.  


Since Tumblr has changed the photoset layouts and fixed all bugs that I was having uploading cursors, I can now upload cursors again!~ I will eventually open the ask box on Sunday when I have my weekend off from work and work away!~

Hi Guys! Thought I’d give you a little update!~  

Well, if you didn’t notice, I have been a little quiet on here. Well, that’s because I have been unable to make cursors due to the fact that my Photoshop crashed and I lost everything. All the files I had been using are gone. I did manage to recover a good deal of them, though.

Then you have Tumblr being a little fuckwit. I go to upload the cursor, and it gets replaced by a small white square. I had looked into the problem, and apparently, it’s the site. So, hopefully, things have cleared up for me. I will attempt to upload some cursors by the end of this year… (Sounds crazy. xD) I will let you all know what happens.

Also, I have noticing via my confession blog and my personal blog, that people are crediting the site a lot more, and I thank you so much. To the ones who take the simple 2 seconds to say thank you, it means more than you could ever imagine and I appreciate it greatly. :3

Anyway, I want to wish you all a very happy new year, and I will be back in 2013 to work on requests and change the page layout.

Until then, ask box will be closed and I will not be taking requests.

Thank you for understanding.




My Tumblr Crushes:
guitarheroyamato (13%)
noah-lusion (13%)
rainbowdrusy (13%)
pinocchiosvicess (13%)
stormofjolly (6%)
shh-no-tears-only-dreams-now (6%)
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My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. guitarheroyamato (13%)
  2. noah-lusion (13%)
  3. rainbowdrusy (13%)
  4. pinocchiosvicess (13%)
  5. stormofjolly (6%)
  6. shh-no-tears-only-dreams-now (6%)
  7. ask-taiki (6%)
  8. theme-hunter (6%)
  9. themesbyjade (6%)


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The page has been officially Christimas-ified. :D  

1 year ago - 2 notes

Working on unloading a Christmas theme on you guys!~ 

1 year ago - 2 notes

Update. (Please read if you plan on requesting.)  

Just a little heads up as to where I have been… >.>

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Hi there! My name is Kristen! I make Digimon themed cursors for your tumblr page!~

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